Adult Onset Asthma

Adult onset asthma is a condition whereby one develops asthma in their adulthood. Asthma can be gotten from birth or can be developed later in life. This condition is usually brought about by different circumstances. This could be in working conditions, allergies, weather, viral infections, fungi, molds among others. This circumstances should therefore be avoided [...]

The Mystery Of Thunderstorm-related Asthma

The number of hospital attendances for asthma given the appropriate meteorological conditions. The environmental changes found to be important are a sudden change in air temperature and a sudden rise in grass pollen concentration. Individuals who are affected are more likely to have a history of hayfever and much more likely to be allergic to [...]

Asthma In Dogs

Dogs that have asthma are less frequent than feline that have it. Some studies have shown that the asthma is more frequent in small and middle age dogs. Asthma can change the life of the pet, just like in humans. Have you ever seen a dog that had asthma or he had an asthma attack? [...]

Some Important Medicines To Help In Asthma

Asthma attack is a sudden and it is caused by narrowing of your airways as a result of soreness mucus and swelling. Here are some important medicines which will help in Asthma patients to cure. Asthma medications can be divided in to two parts. First type of medications is use for quick relief and the [...]

Asthma Treatment And Eight Things Not To Do

* The first thing not to do is deny you have asthma. Saying “Oh it’s just a common cold and I’m wheezing a bit. Maybe it’s bronchitis?” When a doctor has just confirmed you have the chronic disease of asthma. Being obstructive is a course of action that will likely set your health back dreadfully. [...]

Asthma And Swine Flu Vaccination

The treatments sought for asthma include a number of highly successful and reliable medical interventions. Asthma patients often rely on respiratory inhalers and prescription medications to easy asthma symptoms and prevent attacks. Further, for those asthma patients whose condition is exacerbated by environmental stimuli, avoidance of allergens becomes a main focus of daily life. Today [...]

Occupational Asthma Causes , Symptoms And Treatment

Occupational Asthma Overview Asthma is a chronic (long-term, ongoing) inflammation of the breathing passages (bronchi) of the lungs. The inflammation irritates the airway, causing breathing problems. ·    Most people with asthma have sudden attacks or periods of bothersome or severe symptoms separated by periods of mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. ·    Asthma is [...]

Asthma Patients

Asthma patients should be taken good care of or should take good care of themselves. Asthma is a delicate disease that affects the lungs and should be handled with much caution.  Patients who have been diagnosed with this disease should seek a doctor’s advice on how to ga about their condition.  This condition affects all [...]

Asthma And Swine Flu Shot

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