Police Stress

After being in the Police Force for about 2 years, I went to see a Doctor due to not being able to sleep. After blood tests and a few different Medical examinations, the Doctor told me that I needed more sleep. “Thanks for that” I thought sarcastically. After a few more years of lying in [...]

How Do I Know If I Am Stressed Out

How do you know if you have high anxiety or stress? Have you ever felt overwhelmed, stressed out, uncontrollably nervous or anxious about an upcoming event or a series of events that you can’t quite get a handle on? Do you ever just want to skip a day because you just don’t know if you [...]

Working Toward Thriving On Stress

For some of us stress is hard to deal with so we have to try to do something about the stress in our life. Regardless of how deal with it, it has to be dealt with. Therefore, we all need to think about a way to learn to deal with the controlling illness called stress. [...]

Living With Passion – Not Stress

Have you ever experienced a moment where everything seemed just right? A moment where you felt completely in tune with yourself and the world around you? A moment in which you felt completely unstoppable? A moment where you experienced a sense of oneness with the universe where you were completely in command and control of [...]

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